Kaldor_AsadRaza’sAbsorption_090519_credit_JacquieManning-70The mirror is a surface. Concealed in her are the social relations that bring her into being; relations that are obscured by the smooth, reflective surface of her face; dispersed and confused in her ability to project back representations of what is presented to her.

Surfacing is a performance work that takes seriously the notion of appearances in order to think about how to be in a world of violent abstractions. We look at the concept of a surface to try and get into the depth of its concealment.

Made in collaboration with four other artists, to whom I owe deep gratitude; as friends, colleagues and perpetual sources of inspiration – Iven Cheng, Eugene Choi, Daniel Jenatsch and Taree Sansbury. We used Asad Raza’s Absorption as the material base upon which to construct this concerted series of unison actions.

Commissioned by Kaldor Public Art Projects in partnership with Carriageworks for Project 34. Asad Raza Absorption; May 2019

Solo version performed for Art Month Sydney fundraiser; October 2018

images by Jacqui Manning