In Perpetuity

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In Perpetuity is currently suspended due to  COVID-19. The premiere season that was due to occur in May 2020 is suspended indefinitely. In the interim we have made a book and fragrance available for purchase. Please contact for inquiries.


In Perpetuity is about magic. A magic that has been stolen from our bodies – emptied of their sensuous connections to the world by destructive economic processes that wreak havoc on the living. Capitalist social relations condemn us to a life of wage labour that is dependent upon a pre-occupation with the future. Economics functions through speculation, through fictions of an indeterminate future. This speculative time destroys the possibilities of the present by foreclosing a channel of action directed toward the production of surplus profit at the demands of the economy. Bodies are put to work to this end (human and non-human, living and non-living), and the notion of labour can evocatively thus become a notion of the living dead – the magic of the living obscured by their reduction into wage labour for exchange in markets.

In Perpetuity tries to wrestle back some of that magic through sensuous practices that re-enliven the living body. Singing, dancing and remembering the past come together as a toolkit for this end.

Creative Development for In Perpetuity has been supported by:

The Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body

Arts House

Chunky Move as part of their MAXIMISED program

Performance Space and Critical Path under their annual co-commissioned ‘Experimental Choreography Residency’; April and July, 2019

Tanzhaus Zurich and Critical Path; Artist in residence, December 2018

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image by Keelan O’Hehir
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image by Keelan O’Herir

Research for In Perpetuity has been supported by:

Critical Path and Strange Attractor as part of ‘Choreo-hack Lab: The Anthropocene’, at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS – Powerhouse Museum, Sydney) in the frame of Sydney Festival; January 2019 – In collaboration with Political Economist, Riki Scanlan.

City of Sydney as part of ‘Talking Bodies’, at Surry Hills Library. A residency and performance lecture series curated by Rhiannon Newton and Katy Green-Loughrey; April 2019.

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International residency co-supported by Tanzhaus Zurich and Critical Path