In Perpetuity

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In Perpetuity is currently suspended due to  COVID-19. The premiere season that was due to occur in May 2020 is suspended indefinitely. In the interim we have made a book and fragrance available for purchase. Please contact for inquiries.


In Perpetuity is about magic. A magic that has been stolen from our bodies – emptied of their sensuous connections to the world by destructive economic processes that wreak havoc on the living. Capitalist social relations condemn us to a life of wage labour that is dependent upon a pre-occupation with the future. Economics functions through speculation, through fictions of an indeterminate future. This speculative time destroys the possibilities of the present by foreclosing a channel of action directed toward the production of surplus profit at the demands of the economy. Bodies are put to work to this end (human and non-human, living and non-living), and the notion of labour can evocatively thus become a notion of the living dead – their magic obscured by their reduction into exchange value for sale in markets.

Creative Development for In Perpetuity has been supported by:

Arts House

Chunky Move as part of their MAXIMISED program

Performance Space and Critical Path under their annual co-commissioned ‘Experimental Choreography Residency’; April and July, 2019

Tanzhaus Zurich and Critical Path; Artist in residence, December 2018

Research for In Perpetuity has been supported by:

Critical Path and Strange Attractor as part of ‘Choreo-hack Lab: The Anthropocene’, at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS – Powerhouse Museum, Sydney) in the frame of Sydney Festival; January 2019 – In collaboration with Political Economist, Riki Scanlan.

City of Sydney as part of ‘Talking Bodies’, at Surry Hills Library. A residency and performance lecture series curated by Rhiannon Newton and Katy Green-Loughrey; April 2019.

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International residency co-supported by Tanzhaus Zurich and Critical Path