ivey wawn

Ivey Wawn is an independent artist making dance-based work for a range of contexts. Drawing poetics from economics and microbial processes, with a focus on the political nature of exchange and transmission, Ivey develops choreographic blueprints that result in complex systems of transformation for the human scale as an invitation toward modes of care and consideration that may better-fit contemporary conditions. Ivey’s current research interests include microbial symbiosis, mourning processes and financial crisis. She is also studying political economy at the University of Sydney.

Ivey has enjoyed the support of; AirSpace Projects, ALASKA Projects, Ausdance NSW, Australia Council for the Arts, Bundanon Trust, CRACK Theatre Festival, Critical Path, DanceWEB Scholarship (Impulstanz, Vienna), DirtyFeet, Ian Potter Cultural Trust, ReadyMade Works, Shopfront Contemporary Arts and Performance, The NOW now, and Underbelly Arts Festival.

She has had the pleasure of working with and for; Andrew Hardwidge (UK), Angela Goh (AU), Atlanta Eke (AU), Brooke Stamp (AU), Germaine Kruip (BE/NL), Lizzie Thompson (AU), Louise Trueheart (FR/USA/DE), Mark Mailler (AU), Rainbow Chan (AU), Rhiannon Newton (AU), Rochelle Haley (AU), Scarlett Yu (HK/DE), Shota Matsumura (AU), Tino Sehgal (DE/UK), and Xavier Le Roy (FR) among others.