image by Louis Birks

DanceWEB scholarship recipient – ImPulsTanz, Vienna (2016)

Australia Council for the Arts – Development Grants for Individuals (2016)

Bachelor of Political, Economic, and Social Sciences – University of Sydney (current)

200hr Yoga teacher training (2014)

Ian Potter Cultural Trust – travel grants for individuals (2012)

Ev and Bow Dance Training Centre (2009)

Talent Development High School – Brent Street Studios (2004-08)


Artist in Residence for Underbelly Arts Festival

Bundanon Trust Artist in Residence Centre – December

“Bodied Assemblies” development (supported by Marrickville Council)

DUTI, for Rhiannon Newton – November

“Strawberries and Cream: A virus for future care”

Underbelly Arts Festival Sponsor event

“Adventure Dances; summoning sensation”

Out Of The Studio (DirtyFeet) at Shopfront Theatre – October

“Strawberries and Cream: A virus for future care”

In Motion Festival at Airspace Projects – October


CRACK Theatre Festival (This is not Art) Newcastle, September-October

Performing Arts Forum – August and September

DanceWEB Scholarship 2016

Impulstanz, Vienna – July-August

Responsive Residency – Research Room

Critical Path – May-June

“Bodied Assemblies” Responsive Residency – Taster/Tester (Collaborator/Dancer)

Rhiannon Newton, at Critical Path – May

“Champions” development (Dancer)

Martin Del Amo, Form Dance Projects – May

“A Square, Spoken” (Performer)

Germaine Kruip, 20th Biennale of Sydney – March-June

“Here, an Echo” (facilitator, or shepherd)

Agatha Gothe-Snape with Brooke Stamp, 20th Biennale of Sydney – April-June

Responsive Residency – Investigate/Extend (Collaborator/Dancer)

Brooke Stamp, at Critical Path – March and June

Responsive Residency – OPEN STUDIO

Space Grant Residency at Critical Path – February

Artist in residence

Bundanon with Lizzie Thomson – January


DAIR (Dance Artist in Residence) at ACPE

Residency – Ausdance NSW

“Bodied Assemblies” Development

Rhiannon Newton – supported by Marrickville Council

“Temporary Title 2015”

Xavier Le Roy and Scarlett Yu – Carriageworks and Kaldor Public Art Projects, Project 31

Readymade Works SOLO Residency

Choreographic research / development

“Adventure Dancing; Summoning Sensation”

Ivey Wawn, First Stage Development – DirtyFeet Choreographic Lab

“Soft Hard Spirituals”

Brooke Stamp – SPRING 1883 Art Fair

“Desert Body Creep”

Angela Goh – development for NextWave 2016

R.I.C.E on Hydra

Group Residency in Hydra, Greece

MELT Summer Workshops

Movement Research, New York

“Outside Interiors”

Rosslyn Wythes – DirtyFeet, Out Of The Studio at Shopfront Theatre

Responsive Residency – Research Room

Critical Path

“Bodied Assemblies”

Rhiannon Newton – DirtyFeet Choreographic Lab

Animal Dances (workshop)

Martin Nachbar – Critical Path, Sydney

“Adventure Dances; Summoning Sensation”

Ivey Wawn – First iteration at ALASKA PROJECTS


“Whip It” Improvisation performance at ALASKA PROJECTS (Performer)

Qualitative Research Methods for Accessing Experience, Jodie McNeilly, University of Sydney

“Untitled. 2”, Ivey Wawn – Platform Shorts, Sydney Fringe Festival

“It Is This”, Ivey Wawn – Bangarra Theatre, On The Cusp

AusDance NSW DAIR, Choreographic Research Residency at ACPE

“Beautiful Noise”, Jessica Devereux – First Stage Development at TRACKS, Darwin

DirtyFeet Choreographic Labs, Rosslyn Wythes and Makeshift Collective

“Actual Cancer”, Ivan Cheng – for Restaging, Restaging at ALASKA PROJECTS

“What It Is”, Rob McCredie – DirtyFeet Out Of The Studio

“This Is So Contemporary”, Tino Sehgal – Art Gallery of NSW and Kaldor Public Art Projects

“Untitled.” Ivey Wawn – Short and Sweet Dance, Sydney

Pot Luck Dance 1, 2, 3 and 4 (organiser and performer)


Markus Popp Film Clip (dancer) – Residency at Macquarie University, Sydney

DirtyFeet Choreographic Labs – Tanya Voges, Rob McCredie & Kirsty Fromholtz

Drawing Dancing Demonstration (presenter) – SEAM Symposium

Misuse/Displace: Strategies for Installation and Performance (workshop) – Kate McIntosh

Impossible Bodies (workshop) – Collette Sadler at Critical Path


“These Associations” by Tino Sehgal – Tate Modern Art Museum, London

Ultima Vez (Research Group) – Brussels

“SHHHOUT IN” Site Specific work by Rachele Rapisardi – Pensione Bencista, Florence

R&D, Jose Agudo – ACE Dance and Music, Birmingham UK

“Laugh and Cry” by Evangelia Kolyra – The Place, London

“Grace” by Simon Rice – Royal Opera House, London

Flying Low and Passing Through Workshops with Leila MacMillan, London

ImPulsTanz workshop participant


“Battlestar Gallactica” by Andrew Hardwidge – Laban Centre in London

Hofesh Shechter Company – Invitational internship (Political Mother; The Art of Not Looking Back) UK

Lost Dogs and Other Animals – Choreographic Workshop with Ben Duke, Surrey UK


Tanztheatre Wuppertal (work experience)

ImPulsTanz workshop participant

Dance Compass, Sydney