contact & CV



Bachelor of Political, Economic, and Social Sciences – University of Sydney (current)

DanceWEB scholarship recipient – ImPulsTanz, Vienna (2016)

Recipient – Australia Council for the Arts Development Grant for Individuals (2016)

Recipient – Ian Potter Cultural Trust Development grants (2012)


In Perpetuity R&D – Lucy Guerin Inc. Artist in Residence (June)

Surfacing – As part of Kaldor Public Art Project 34: Absorption by Asad Raza (May)

Talking Dance – In Perpetuity (artist in residence – research) at Surry Hills Library (April)

WIP showing – March Dance Sydney, at East Sydney Community Arts Centre (March 23)

The Tennis Piece (performer) – Atlanta Eke – Dance Massive and Gertrude Contemporary (February and March)

Dance and the Gallery – Workshops at UNSW with Erin Brannigan et al. (February)

In Perpetuity (research) in ChoreoHack Lab: The Anthropocene supported by Critical Path and Strange Attractor – Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (Powerhouse Museum), Sydney (January)

LADS 2017 (performer) – Christopher Matthews, APAP, NYC (January)

Voice actor – for Asad Raza and Phillippe Parreno – exhibition at Metropictures, NYC (January)


Artist in Residence at Tanzhaus Zurich

Critical Path and Tanzhaus Zurich (December)

Greyness and Infinity

Ivey Wawn for Liquid Architecture at M Pavillion (Novemeber)

Artist in Residence at Bundanon Trust

Rest – with Daisy Sanders and Matthew Shilcock (November)

Artist in Residence at FORM Dance Projects, Parramatta

Ivey Wawn, for Dancebites 2019 (DirtyFeet and FORM) (October)

New Work in Development (performer)

Amrita Hepi at Art Gallery of NSW (October)

Curated season at Oxford Art Factory

Ivey Wawn (Multiple: September 14 – October 6)

Artist in Residence at Lucy Guerin Inc.

Ivey Wawn at Lucy Guerin Inc. (September 24 – October 5)

Behaviour Part 7 (Performer)

Shelley Lasica (VIC) (September)

We Make Each Other Up (Collaborator)

Rhiannon Newton – Dancehouse, Housemate Project (VIC) (August-September)

Tongue Rolls Between Smiles (performer) – Alice Heyward and Megan Payne

In ‘Lessons I Learned From Dancing’ at Bus Projects (VIC) (August)

HIGHNESS (performer)

Melanie-Jame Wolf – Arts House, Melbourne (July 9-21)

Consejos de Farez

Critical Path Responsive Residency in collaboration with Mark Mailler (June 18-29)

Artist in Residence at Bundanon Trust

With Rhiannon Newton, Lizzie Thomson, Patricia Wood and Angela Goh (June 4-10)

Verge Gallery

Collaborative performance with musician Thibaud Kessel (June 2)

Future City Inflatable (collaborator/performer)

Ellen Davies and Alice Heyward – Next Wave Festival (April – May)

The Playlist – Peer Artist

PYT and Critical Path (April)

Dancing Solo in the 21st Century

A workshop with Bojana Cjevic facilitated by Dancehouse (VIC) (February)

Body of Work at Coil 2018 (performer)

Atlanta Eke – Performance Space (Formerly PS122), NY (January)



SCUM Ballet

Angela Goh – Campbeltown Arts Centre (November)

Spectral v 5.0 – A Blue Circle

Ivey Wawn – First Run Sydney (October 15)

Greyness and Infinity

Ivey Wawn for Underbelly Arts Festival and Lab (September – October)

Moving Ideas Residency

Ivey Wawn at ReadyMade Works, Ultimo (September)

Doing Dancing

Rhiannon Newton – performer at FirstDraft, Sydney (August)

SCUM Ballet first stage development

Angela Goh at Campbeltown Arts Centre (June)

Spectral v 4.0 – A Red Square

Ivey Wawn at Downunder Space, Sydney (May)

Greyness and Infinity first stage development for Underbelly Arts Festival

Ivey Wawn – Ausdance NSW DAIR at ReadyMade Works, Ultimo (May)

Pulling Down From the Ephemeral

Brooke Stamp at Bombo Headland (March – April)

Bodied Assemblies for Dance Massive

Rhiannon Newton, Presented at DanceHouse, North Carlton (February)



Artist in Residence for Underbelly Arts

Bundanon Trust Artist in Residence Centre (December)

Bodied Assemblies development

Rhiannon Newton, supported by Marrickville Council (November)

“Strawberries and Cream: A virus for future care”

Underbelly Arts Festival Sponsor event (November)

Spectral v 3.0 – An Orange Angle

Ivey Wawn at Happy Hour, ReadyMade Works (November)

“Adventure Dances; summoning sensation”

Out Of The Studio (DirtyFeet) at Shopfront Theatre (October)

“Strawberries and Cream: A virus for future care”

In Motion Festival at Airspace Projects – October


CRACK Theatre Festival (This is not Art) Newcastle, September-October

Performing Arts Forum – August and September

DanceWEB Scholarship 2016

Impulstanz, Vienna – July-August

Responsive Residency – Research Room

Critical Path – May-June

“Bodied Assemblies” Responsive Residency – Taster/Tester (Collaborator/Dancer)

Rhiannon Newton, at Critical Path – May

“Champions” development (Dancer)

Martin Del Amo, Form Dance Projects – May

“A Square, Spoken” (Performer)

Germaine Kruip, 20th Biennale of Sydney – March-June

“Here, an Echo” (facilitator, or shepherd)

Agatha Gothe-Snape with Brooke Stamp, 20th Biennale of Sydney – April-June

Responsive Residency – Investigate/Extend (Collaborator/Dancer)

Brooke Stamp, at Critical Path – March and June

Responsive Residency – OPEN STUDIO

Space Grant Residency at Critical Path – February

Artist in residence

Bundanon with Lizzie Thomson – January


DAIR (Dance Artist in Residence) at ACPE

Residency – Ausdance NSW

“Bodied Assemblies” Development

Rhiannon Newton – supported by Marrickville Council

“Temporary Title 2015”

Xavier Le Roy and Scarlett Yu – Carriageworks and Kaldor Public Art Projects, Project 31

Readymade Works SOLO Residency

Choreographic research / development

“Adventure Dancing; Summoning Sensation”

Ivey Wawn, First Stage Development – DirtyFeet Choreographic Lab

“Soft Hard Spirituals”

Brooke Stamp – SPRING 1883 Art Fair

“Desert Body Creep”

Angela Goh – development for NextWave 2016

R.I.C.E on Hydra

Group Residency in Hydra, Greece

MELT Summer Workshops

Movement Research, New York

“Outside Interiors”

Rosslyn Wythes – DirtyFeet, Out Of The Studio at Shopfront Theatre

Responsive Residency – Research Room

Critical Path

“Bodied Assemblies”

Rhiannon Newton – DirtyFeet Choreographic Lab

Animal Dances (workshop)

Martin Nachbar – Critical Path, Sydney

“Adventure Dances; Summoning Sensation”

Ivey Wawn – First iteration at ALASKA PROJECTS


“Whip It” Improvisation performance at ALASKA PROJECTS (Performer)

Qualitative Research Methods for Accessing Experience, Jodie McNeilly, University of Sydney

“Untitled. 2”, Ivey Wawn – Platform Shorts, Sydney Fringe Festival

“It Is This”, Ivey Wawn – Bangarra Theatre, On The Cusp

AusDance NSW DAIR, Choreographic Research Residency at ACPE

“Beautiful Noise”, Jessica Devereux – First Stage Development at TRACKS, Darwin

DirtyFeet Choreographic Labs, Rosslyn Wythes and Makeshift Collective

“Actual Cancer”, Ivan Cheng – for Restaging, Restaging at ALASKA PROJECTS

“What It Is”, Rob McCredie – DirtyFeet Out Of The Studio

“This Is So Contemporary”, Tino Sehgal – Art Gallery of NSW and Kaldor Public Art Projects

“Untitled.” Ivey Wawn – Short and Sweet Dance, Sydney

Pot Luck Dance 1, 2, 3 and 4 (organiser and performer)


Markus Popp Film Clip (dancer) – Residency at Macquarie University, Sydney

DirtyFeet Choreographic Labs – Tanya Voges, Rob McCredie & Kirsty Fromholtz

Drawing Dancing Demonstration (presenter) – SEAM Symposium

Misuse/Displace: Strategies for Installation and Performance (workshop) – Kate McIntosh

Impossible Bodies (workshop) – Collette Sadler at Critical Path


“These Associations” by Tino Sehgal – Tate Modern Art Museum, London

Ultima Vez (Research Group) – Brussels

“SHHHOUT IN” Site Specific work by Rachele Rapisardi – Pensione Bencista, Florence

R&D, Jose Agudo – ACE Dance and Music, Birmingham UK

“Laugh and Cry” by Evangelia Kolyra – The Place, London

“Grace” by Simon Rice – Royal Opera House, London

Flying Low and Passing Through Workshops with Leila MacMillan, London

ImPulsTanz workshop participant


“Battlestar Gallactica” by Andrew Hardwidge – Laban Centre in London

Hofesh Shechter Company – Invitational internship (Political Mother; The Art of Not Looking Back) UK

Lost Dogs and Other Animals – Choreographic Workshop with Ben Duke, Surrey UK


Tanztheatre Wuppertal (work experience)

ImPulsTanz workshop participant

Dance Compass, Sydney

Ev and Bow Dance Training Centre (2009)

Talent Development High School – Brent Street Studios (2004-08)

200hr Yoga teacher training (2014)