contact & CV


In Perpetuity

Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art, for Performance Space, Carriageworks, Sydney October 2021

CEMENTA 2021, Kandos NSW, October 2021

Mourning Dancing as part of 52 Artists 52 Actions, for Artspace Sydney, October 2020

Next Wave Festival: A Government of Artists, at Arts House, Melbourne, May 2020

Lecture for Talking Bodies – Artist in Residence at Surry Hills Library, Sydney, April 2019

Lecture for Choreo-Hack Lab at MAAS (Powerhouse museum), Sydney Festival, January 2019


Video installation and performance Blindside, Melbourne, December 2019

Live Performance in collaboration with Ivan Cheng, Eugene Choi, Taree Sansbury and Daniel Jenatsch for Kaldor Public Art Project 34 (Asad Raza’s Absorption) Carriageworks, Sydney May 2019

Sketch for Art Month fundraising event, Sydney, October 2018


On Accumulation

Work In Progress group show for DirtyfeetEast Sydney Community Arts Centre, Sydney April 2019


Greyness and Infinity

for MCA ART BAR, February 2020

In Why Listen to Plants? curated by Danni Zuvela for Liquid Architecture at

RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne 2018

Installation version ‘The Cube’, Oxford Art Factory in Body to Bodies, curated by Anna May Kirk, Sydney 2018

Underbelly Arts Festival, Sydney 2017

Consejos De Farez (Collaboration with Mark Mailler)

In Until the Thaw (group show) at First Draft Gallery, curated by Jana Hawkins-Andersen, Sydney 2018

Responsive Residency, Critical Path,


v 5.2 (A Blue Circle) for Atelier Philanthropic event Art Gallery of NSW 2019

v 5.1 (a reflection of a Blue circle) for Desire Lines 6.0 curated by Seb Henry-Jones and Maeve Parker, Sydney 2018

v 5.0 (A Blue Circle) First Run curated by Brooke Stamp and Rhiannon Newton, Sydney 2017

v 4.0 (A Red Square) in Deep Dreamy; curator – Angela Goh; Downunder Space Sydney 2017

v 3.0 (A Pink Ouroboros) in In Motion Festival; curated by Anna May Kirk; Airspace Projects, Sydney, 2016


Casa Lu                         – Artist in Residence (Mexico City) June 2020

Arts House                    – Development residency (Melbourne) January and May 2020

Casula Powerhouse       – Development of In Perpetuity (Sydney) January 2020

Chunky Move                – MAXIMISED residencies (Melbourne) December 2019

Performance Space       – Experimental Choreography Residency (Sydney) 2019

Lucy Guerin Inc.            – Artist in Residence (Melbourne) 2019

Surry Hills Library          – Talking Bodies Research Residency (Sydney) 2019

Sydney Festival              – Choreo-hack Lab: The Anthropocene, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (Sydney) 2019

Tanzhaus Zurich            – Artist Exchange residency program (Zurich) 2018

Critical Path                  – Responsive Residency: collaboration w Mark Mailler (Sydney) 2018 & other

Bundanon Trust            – Artist in Residence (NSW) various


Australia Council for the Arts      – Project funding, 2019

Australia Council for the Arts      – Development Grants for Individuals, 2016

Ian Potter Cultural Trust             – Individual Artist Development Grants, 2012 and 2018

DanceWEB Scholarship  – Impulstanz (Vienna) 2016


Agatha Gothe-Snape & Brooke Stamp – Here, An Echo, 20th Biennale of Sydney 2016

Alice Heyward & Megan Payne – Tongue Rolls Between Smiles, Bus Projects, Melbourne 2018

Alice Heyward & Ellen Davies – Future City Inflatable, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne 2018

Alicia Frankovich           – The Work, Art Gallery of NSW in Making Art Public (Kaldor), Sydney 2019

Amrita Hepi                   – The Tender, The National, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney 2019

This ______ will not protect you but at times it’s enough…, Art Month, Sydney, 2018

Angela Goh                   – SCUM Ballet, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney 2017 & Artspace, Sydney 2018

Atlanta Eke                   – The Tennis Piece, Dance Massive & Gertrude Contemporary Melbourne 2019

Body of Work, Coil Festival, Performance Space, New York 2018

Brooke Stamp               – Pulling Down from the Ephemeral, Bombo Headland, 2017

Chicks on Speed            – I’ll Be Your Body Instrument, Carriageworks 2019

Germaine Kruip             – A Square, Spoken, 20th Biennale of Sydney 2016

Ivan Cheng                    – Sunset Blister, MuHKA, Antwerp 2018

Bette de Brest, Beuys Beuys Beuys, Alaska Projects, Sydney 2014

Lee Serle                       – Time Portrait, Carriageworks, Sydney (upcoming) 2020

Mel O’Callaghan            – Centre of the Centre, Artspace, Sydney 2019

Melanie-Jame Wolf       – HIGHNESS, Arts House, Melbourne 2018

Rhiannon Newton         – Explicit ContentsCampbelltown Arts Centre for Sydney Festival 2021

We Make Eachother Up, Dancehouse, Melbourne 2018

Bodied Assemblies, Dance Massive, Dancehouse, Melbourne 2017

Rochelle Haley             – Eversun, City of Sydney Laneways project 2021

Flat Earth Society, Cement Fondue, Sydney 2019 and various since 2015

Tino Sehgal                   – This is So Contemporary, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney 2014 and 2019

These Associations, Tate Modern Art Museum, London 2012

Xavier Le Roy                – Temporary Title 2015, Kaldor Public Art Projects, Carriageworks, 2015