Greyness and Infinity

Greyness and Infinity uses observed microbial processes to develop blueprints for the emergence of a durational choreography for objects and performers, with audiences invited to come and go as they please. Borrowing poetics from microbial transformation and processes of mutualistic symbiosis, Greyness and Infinity makes visible the labour of the microbial world through mediated conversation and dancing action. It is a meditation on social togetherness, care, and sensitivity.

Ivey Wawn in collaboration with Angela Goh, Lucien Alperstein , Mark Mailler, Megan Payne, Patricia Wood, Paul Walker, and Shota Matsumura

Dramaturge: Lizzie Thomson

Presented at Underbelly Arts Festival and Lab, September – October 2017

Greyness and Infinity is supported by Underbelly Arts, Bundanon Trust, ReadyMade Works and AusDance NSW.Photography © Tim da-Rin | | @timdarin


Image: Tim Da-Rin

Photography © Tim da-Rin | | @timdarin

Hosting Tim Da-Rin.jpg
image: Tim Da-Rin


Images from early-stage research at Bundanon, through Underbelly Arts (December 2016)

image by Lucien Alperstein for Underbelly Arts


image by Lucien Alperstein for Underbelly Arts


image by Lucien Alperstein for Underbelly Arts

Development (May) at Readymade Works, supported by AusDance NSW DAIR 2017

Development (September) ReadyMade Works Moving Ideas Residency 2017

Development and Presentation (September-October) Underbelly Arts Festival and Lab 2017