Current Applications

This is a page made for applications and has some documentation of my current work and thinking.

Included are some digital collages, images of my performances and some writing.

Some notes on ‘radical non-differentiation’:

Radical Non-Differentiation is a term I have been using in reference to a broader question that I am thinking about in my work, and the world. It has something to do with being receptive to the energetic forces of others, with an ability to be transformed through this reception. It takes place in many physical and imaginary practices, but has to do with care, and with an attempt to diffuse boundaries, break down binaries and find more opportunity for mutual benefit as a result of mutual respect.

When you engage in dancing actions, you ask the dance for its acceptance of you, and through your time with it, you allow the dance to transform you, at the same time also transforming the dance, not through force, but through a willingness to be together.

I am consumed by this line of negotiating work not because I do not think that things are unique – I do. But, more because I think that it extends your capacity for the reception of otherness to the point where otherness is no longer a threat, but something to be welcomed and embraced as well as something that can potentially transform you for the better.

“Adventure Dances; summoning sensation” – A group dance work for the theatre. With Patricia Wood, Rebecca Cameron, Jessica Holman (Performance) and Rainbow Chan (Sound and performance).

Photography by Kate Disher-Quill, DirtyFeet.

Also here please find an adventure poem that coexists with this performance.

Adventure Poem – read me


“Spectral” v 3.0 – an Orange angle, or triangle, with Patricia Wood for Happy Hour at ReadyMade Works. Images: Martin Fox

Spectral is part of a series that uses colour, geometry and ‘reproduction’ as a means for mass-producing choreographic situations


“mo(ve)ments” is a conversational dance work for the gallery. Presented at CRACK Theatre Festival (part of This Is Not Art), Newcastle. Images by Brianna Kell and Ivey Wawn


“Strawberries and Cream; a virus for future care”

A dance for the future where a virus that softens humans into their full feminine, receptive and transformative capacities is unleashed on the world. With an infection from Louise Trueheart in the form of a conversational technique for giving complements. Performed at AirSpace Projects in Marrickville, and for an Underbelly Arts Festival event. Images by Ivey Wawn, Louis Birks, Angela Goh and Anna Kirk May